Who is wanda de jesus dating Sexe chat quebec

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Who is wanda de jesus dating

I think after this story, you’ll agree that this was in no way a coincidence or a chance thing.

I was a shy young lad growing up and approaching women always made me nervous and break out into cold sweats.

I got listening to a pastor one day and he was talking about the creative power of words and how your destiny is shaped but what you believe to be true and by what you speak. He said my CEO and vp’s always remark about how much of an asset I am to the team, and how valuable I am to the company.

I mustered up the faith to believe that I was desirable, and I spoke it out loud to God that I was going to have some sort of intimate contact within the next six months. Anyway, this thing has never happened to me before in my 25 years of marriage. I therefore declared to my wife, out loud, with my mouth, and in the name of Jesus, that God has already restored intimate relations in my marriage. Additionally, he said I will receive a ,000 bonus on my next pay check, and that as the company grows he would like to see me develop into a more responsible role where I transition into becoming the Director of my department within the next 6-9 months. I am still in shock and am surreal about how quickly this happened. Reply The exactly same story happened to me, I prayed to God to get me a wife of my description, I met her and we are still together with two kids.

As the years went by and I got older, I continued to say I wanted to marry a woman from Mississippi with braces, even while I was in the Air Force serving a 4 year tour. I was out of the Air Force and no longer thinking about a woman from Mississippi with braces. God shoe me that he’s real and don’t put my trust in no one but him.

You pay a fee to access the system which allowed you to connect and leave messages on the girl’s voice-mail box. She indicated she loved horseback riding, scuba diving and outdoor hiking. It was hard but God brought him out , he’s still in the land of the living.

And I being a black man with many fine qualities myself, thought it strange to hear a black girl who loved horseback riding, scuba diving and outdoor hiking. It taught me to be greatful for everyday and everything, even though it seem like it was one thing after another.

To make a long story short, we hooked up and went — bowling I think, and then we went out to shoot pool (billiards). And since I’d stop thinking about women from Mississippi with braces, it didn’t click with me then… It makes it even more real — while your kids thought it was crazy, you can best believe when they get older and become adults, they’re going to remember what you did and accomplished and will do the same thing themselves. Reply hey very true indeed words have powers and we get what we ask for.

But later during the date as we talked, she indicated she was from Gulfport… That’s when it dawned on me that I was talking to my wife… when i had my first pregnancy, i prayed or asked for a baby boy and i got exactly that! Reply God bless you, I’m tired of falling into sin with the same type men, I asked God for a Godly man in the church good with finances, I asked for forgiveness, and I met someone 6 aprox.

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I thought this ‘chick’ would be an interesting one to meet. God showed me that he’s real and don’t put my trust in no one but him.